Midwest Masters Sprints

Meg and I did even better at the Midwest Masters Sprints than we did at the Dogwood a few weeks ago. We medaled again and are closing in on our near term performance goals. We’re not “fast” yet; but we’re beating competing boats in both raw and net time. I also medaled in my single. It was a very good day in less than ideal conditions.


Meg and I competed in the Dogwood Regatta our first 1K sprint race since we got our new double. We had our best race ever and got a silver medal in our flight (age group). We have both really improved since our first race at the Midwest Masters two years ago. We still have a plenty of things to work on; but I guess we can’t call ourselves “beginners” anymore.

Head of the Hooch

Meg and I competed in the Head of the Hooch Regatta, our season ending 5K head race, a couple of weekends ago. The “Hooch” is quite an event. There were almost 10 times as many boats entered than the next largest regatta we’ve attended. We’ve never seen a traffic jam of racing sculls before. And the Tennessee River is BIG! We certainly didn’t ever envision ourselves rowing on such a large waterway when we first got started a few years ago. Our new Fluidesign double scull is magnificent and very stable (for a high-performance racing scull). But, I even raced the dilapidated club single I like to row and its kinda tippy. We’ve both come a long way since our first LTR class.

Speakmon Memorial Regatta

Meg and I competed in our first ever 5K head race this past weekend. We’ve done “sprints” before; but this was our first longer race. Rowing almost seven miles on the Scioto river wasn’t as scary as it seemed it would be when we were there for the race in June. We’re definitely a lot more comfortable in the boat than we were last year.

Charlie Doyle Memorial

In addition to rowing with Meg, I am also the coxswain for sweep in many of the races. I steer the boat, set the stroke rate and help keep then crew synchronized. It’s a lot of fun pulling the strings. But it’s COLD in bad weather since I’m not moving much.

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Midwest Masters Regatta

Meg and I competed in our first ever rowing competition this weekend. We certainly didn’t plan on racing when we signed up for learn to row; but we improved faster than we thought we would so we felt comfortable entering a regatta. We still need a lot of practice; but we’ve got great teamwork.

Senior Day

Tara being recognized on Senior Day. Its hard to believe it’s been four years already. It seems like just yesterday that Meg and I were on our way to Trine for the first game of her collegiate career. Congratulations Tara! (click it to big it)


Senior Recognition Night

Here is a photograph of Brandon in an iconic pose in front of the Cathedral of Learning just before the start of the University Of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering’s Senior Recognition Night honoring 2013 graduates. Congratulations Brandon! (click it to big it)

Brandon at the University Of Pittsburgh, Swanson School of Engineering's Senior Recognition Night